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origami owl

The latest sensation in the world of meme tokens, a playful and innovative cryptocurrency inspired by the ancient art of paper folding


With its adorable owl mascot leading the charge, Origami Owl promises a whimsical journey through the crypto market. Its community-driven approach fosters a sense of unity among holders, who share a passion for both digital assets and the timeless art of origami. Just like the intricate folds of an origami creation, this token brings a unique blend of simplicity and complexity to the blockchain landscape.

How to Buy


get venom walet

Download & install the Venom Wallet    https://venomwallet.com/ 


get your venoms

Exchange tokens for Venom on https://venomget.com 


SWAP Venoms for OWLS

Go to https://web3.world/swap, connect Venom Wallet and swap $VENOM for $ORIGAMI

our basis


The community is the heart and soul of Origami Owl.

Our global community is in its infancy, but is committed to making owl the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. The community is distinguished by a combination of memes and art. We are the ones who come into the project from the very beginning and believe in its potential.


Venom is a Blockchain that will function as the main infrastructure for a global ecosystem of Web3 applications, possessing ultra-fast transaction speeds and infinite scalability to meet the demands of an ever-expanding user base.


To ensure our continued expansion, it’s essential that we prioritize self-investment: Owl tokens will be set aside for covering exchange listing expenses, conducting airdrop campaigns, cultivating relationships with influencers, enhancing our social media footprint, supporting media engagements, and establishing key partnerships.








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